Implant Restorations

Implant crowns are the finishing touches after dental implants have been installed. These devices are placed on the abutment fitted on the external-facing end of the implant, and they look just like real teeth.

A screw-retained implant crown consists of a lingual and occlusal screw. The crown is designed with a hole on the side of the occlusal or lingual portion of the device. The hole makes it possible to connect the restoration to the implant with a fixation screw attached to the
external-facing end of the abutment.

This configuration makes it easy to remove the prosthetic for repairs, restoration or cleanings as opposed to cemented implant crowns.

While there are a few other dental prosthetics like dentures and crowns that can be used to replace missing teeth, none are as useful as implants. Implants do not just replace the look and function of missing natural tooth; these devices also replace the lost tooth root.

That helps to keep the jawbone tissue loss that is often associated with implants at bay. Other benefits of implants include:

- Prevents the remaining natural teeth from moving towards the gap.
- Provides a permanent solution that stays in.
- Implants are firmly secured in the patient’s jawbone, making the
devices feel and function just like natural teeth.
- Cleaning implants are the same as taking care of natural teeth.

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